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Riley Boese

Riley Boese

Member Spotlight: Jennifer Thompson

Read on to learn more about DMF Board Member Jennifer Thompson. 

  • Occupation: H.A. Thompson & Sons, Managing Partner
  • Hometown: Bismarck, North Dakota
  • Education: B.A., English, Political Science; J.D., University of North Dakota
  • DMF Role(s): Board Member
  • Hobbies: Watching my children participate in activities, spending time with family and friends, hiking, golf, lake time, North Dakota Hockey
  • Favorite Food: Pizza – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
  • Coffee Order: Coffee with cream
  • Favorite Travel Spot: Sanibel Island, Florida
  • Words to Live By: Never rely on anyone else for your own happiness.

How did you get involved with DMF?
In 2002, Pat Traynor hired me as the Director of Development for DMF. I was in that position until October 2013. Since that time, I have served on the Lend A Hand Up Application Committee and Board.

What part of DMF’s vision/mission resonates the most with you?
Creating a region with the healthiest people possible. If you have good health, your potential is endless in both your personal and professional life.

What does the healthiest, most generous region in the world look like to you?
The healthiest, most generous region is one where there is low incidence of chronic disease, easy and affordable access to high quality healthcare, and mental health is viewed as important as physical health. All people have access to affordable produce and hunger is eradicated. Basic needs (food, clothing, appropriate shelter) can be easily accessed. People readily embrace volunteering of their time, talent, and financial resources.

Who is your role model and why?
Both of my parents are my role models. My father because of his work ethic and passion for running our family business. My mother for her kindness, compassion, and desire to help others.

How would you advise people to dream more boldly in their day-to-day lives?
Our time on earth is extremely finite. Don’t be afraid to take risks and dream big. Make your mark while you are able, so you don’t live with regret. Always think outside the box and be non-conventional.


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