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LevelUp Fargo Launches a New Website

Did you know social capital improves an indviduals overall health and well-being, reducing their risk of substance use? LevelUp Fargo is making that possible.
Starting the conversation about alcohol and substance use can be challenging. With a mission to build social capital and reduce youth substance use in teens, LevelUp Fargo meets families where they are through meaningful connections and providing knowledge on how substance use can effect a teens present and future.
With a growing team of coalition members, including parents, organizations, and youth, this Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF) initiative seeks to reduce substance use by improving kids’ social capital. Social capital is the number of human connections an individual has in their social network to enhance their overall health and well-being. This is an important element of a teens life to help them build positive connections built on trust health, and so much more.
To achieve just that, LevelUp has created a new resource hub with a wide variety information to support parents and their kids. This information helps families learn how to start the conversation with their kids about preventing substance use, knowing the warning signs of mental illness, understanding the effects alcohol and drug use has on the developing brain and more.
We invite you to stay connected through LevelUp Fargo’s Facebook page, and visit their new website to learn more about the resources they provide by clicking the link below.


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